Framing Blackness: Documenting the Spectrum of Black Identity

ASUW A+E and ECC are happy to present our first workshop with Jessica Rycheal.

Journey with us through the visual archive of Interdisciplinary Storyteller and Art Director Jessica Rycheal, as she explores the spectrum and intersections of black identity. As demonstrated in her first museum exhibition, EVERYDAY BLACK at the Northwest African-American Museum, Rycheal’s work amplifies the depth and humanity of blackness. Her portraiture meets the viewer with an intimacy that makes her subjects feel familiar, like kinfolk. The contemporary photographer invites us into a discussion about how she utilizes photography as critical means to combat the erasure of black history and identity, which the artists views as residual effects of colonialism and slavery.

Tickets: FREE
Location: UW Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center Unity Room
Date: 02/07/19
Time: 7:00 PM