ASUW A&E Come Up: Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams is a rapper and student at the University of Washington, and this is his story:


Since I was very young, I always enjoyed sounds and rhythms, and I’m talking before I could even understand the concept of music. When I was about two years old, my parents used to find me standing in front of the washing machine bouncing to the rhythm of the clothes spinning around in the machine. Naturally, as I got older, I developed a true passion for music. My friends and I would always freestyle; instead of those ‘like my status for a TBH’, I would do ‘like my status for a rap’, things like that. I never really thought too much of it, I just knew it was something I loved to do, but like any skill, the more you do the better you get, I suppose. Throughout high school, people would tell me that I really should pursue it, or I’d get the typical, “When’s your mixtape dropping?”

When I came to UW, I really began to realize how big of a role music played in my life. It helps keep me stable. My freshman year here, I’d show people random songs I had in my iPhone notes, or just had in my head. It was always a dream of mine, but I was finally convinced by others and myself to actually see what I could do. I taught myself logic and other production platforms, started a music collective with my good buddy Joe Donahue, and dropped my first project my sophomore year. One thing lead to another, and I found myself onstage performing at my first show. I’ve done about 9 shows since, including a headliner.


In my eyes, at its core, music is a form of expression. It brings people from different cultures and backgrounds together, and allows people to share their ideas and passion with the world.


I think it would be impossible to name a single biggest inspiration. Of course there are the Hip-hop legends like Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Wayne, Kanye, Pharrell, P Diddy; more current artist like Drake, Lil Uzi, Russ, Travis Scott, Rihanna, Jhene Aiko, A$ap Mob, Lil Yachty, you name it probably has influenced me in some kind of way. However, it always comes back down to sound for me. What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I listen to a little bit of everything, every genre. I’m half Panamanian and half Jamaican, so I listened to a lot of Latin, Caribbean, and Reggae music growing up. I would say that personally, the biggest motivator for me are upcoming artists. I value innovation and new ideas. Seeing new artists take modern sounds and trends, and turn them into their own, is always inspiring to me as well as a big influence as I am striving to do the same. In addition to new and upcoming artist, events in my personal life and my beliefs in regards to society and the world we live in are a significant inspiration to me to use my voice for something greater than myself. Especially with the current state of things in our country, and across theglobe.



Making a new song is a relatively free flowing process for me. I usually have an idea, concept, or message I’m trying to send, and I’ll mess around with a beat until I get something that I feel good about. I don’t usually write all of my lyrics down, but there will be times where I just sit for hours with a beat playing on repeat, writing. I have developed a pretty good network of producers and engineers within the greater Seattle/Tacoma area who help me make the idea I have in my head into something real.


Done about 10 shows in the Seattle/Tacoma area:

– Opened for Cam meekins, Sam lachow, Chxpo, Steven Cannon/Low Gang

– Headlined my first show Summer 2016.

– This past summer got to kick it backstage with Azizi Gibson and opened for him at the

Vera Project in downtown seattle

– Features with a lot of upcoming seattle Artist including, KeshawnTheKing, Shane Diamanti, working on cooking something up with Dave B.

– Working on a show with upcoming california artist Yung Pinch as well.

– Trying to finish my next project towards the end of Winter – Coming Soon!


Instagram/Twitter/Apple Music/Soundcloud: TrulyAdub